Are You a VR or Crypto Influencer?

We have a limited number of free in game tours with Virtual Universe lead developer,  Jeroen Van den Bosch, available now.


Check out this video of VR Influencer Ryan Schultz's recent tour:

  • Tour in VR with your rig and our cameraman will send you an edited video ready for you to customize and publish.

  • No VR Rig? No problem - join in 2D and record your own screen.

  • Promote your video to earn VU Tokens through our Partner Program.


Step 1

Step 2

Download and unzip the demo client here:

>>NOTE: this demo is not optimized, so a 1070 graphic card or higher is recommended. It works on both HTC vive or Oculus rift. If you do not own a VR headset then the demo will automatically run in spectator mode. You can use a gamepad to fly around the world in spectator mode

Step 3

Connect with me on Skype

We don't have built in VOIP yet, so let’s connect on Skype
(Skype ID = jeroen-iei)

>>NOTE: You will need to make sure that Skype uses the Vive/Rift microphone/speakers. You can do that by changing the SKYPE speakers/mic settings to Oculus (or Vive) speakers/microphone.


Step 4

Launch the demo

In the folder where you extracted the zip file, you should find CanyonVR.exe. Launch this and I will meet you inside the VU test world!