The VU Token

Virtual Universe (VU) is an open story-driven gaming platform in LivingVR™ that leverages artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and blockchain to allow users to connect with their friends and experience epic adventures in a living world.

A user can choose to simply experience the adventure, or they can help create it. VU provides innovative and intuitive in-VR creation tools that enable non-developers to create and customize their own experiences in fun and rewarding ways.

There are three primary types of users roles within VU, including:

  • Explorers that can play/collaborate/share environments and purchase upgrades and modifications. This is the easiest way to get involved with VU and become an active participant.
  • Creators who take a more active role in designing and deploying experiences using a set of objects and smart objects. Users can elect to share these experiences with others or;
  • Entrepreneurs who have multiple ways they can leverage their experiences inside VU as: (a) Builders can purchase and sell parcels of virtual land inside VU upon which shops can be built (by themselves or other users). The entrepreneur then participates in the success of the property on their land. (b) Shop owners who can sell objects, services, or access to their own experiences.

Read more the VU white paper for more information about the platform:

The VU token is the heart of the ecosystem, incentivizing creators and explorers to participate on the platform. A thriving marketplace provides creative and entrepreneurial players with the opportunity to leverage their talents and exchange value with other players, enabling users to benefit from value creation.

The VU Token

The VU Token powers LivingVR. It is a limited supply utility token that acts as a virtual currency inside the VU platform, allowing players to spend and earn in exchange for virtual goods, services, and experiences. Used as form of value on the platform, the VU token can only be purchased through our token sale at this time. Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, it can be sent to any ERC-20 wallet. The key functions of the VU token are to:


Players can explore the universe, discover places, meet new people, and enjoy experiences

A new player arrives at a city and explores the streets. He discovers a CLUB with hundreds of people watching a local DJ pump up the crowd and spends VU to join the party.


Players can choose between unique and compelling adventures either solo or with friends.

A player takes on a quest to investigate the missing robot and recruits a friend to help out. Together they solve the mystery and get rewarded with VU tokens.


Players can create their own experiences and/or items for other players to discover and use.

A player creates their own VR fishing experience and invites his friends to come over and try it out. It’s a hit and soon lots of people contribute VU for the experience.

Own & Customize

Players can own unique assets and customize them.

A player uses VU to purchase a plot of land in a residential district and builds a mansion on it. Once it’s finished he throws an epic pool party with hundred of attendees who all pay a VU entry fee.

Using blockchain technology as a backbone, a rich and thriving economy is established and maintained in the VU world by providing:

  • an immutable record of what objects and their relationships belong where
  • a form of virtual currency which allows VU users to exchange value in return for their creations or services
  • a platform that facilitates and secures transactions for owned assets
  • financial structures in the form of smart contracts for user-to-user transactions

On the Horizon

In 2016, a prototype was released for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift, subsequently followed by the completion of the VU proof of concept and conceptual design, and the start of the engine pre-production in December 2017.

The VU Token pre-sale and public sale will occur from April 2018 to June 2018. A sneak peek demo is scheduled to be released in June, followed by a private beta launch.

The Genesis block auction will take place in the middle of Q3 2018, which is the first planned auction of unique assets within VU. These assets can only be purchased using VU Tokens available during the token sale. The public beta launch will roll out in early 2019.

The VU world is part adventure game, social community, video game and creator tool. It represents an expression of VR that provides users with the maximum immersion and flexibility to play and discover.

The VU Token Sale takes place at 07:00 UTC on May 1, 2018.

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