Meet the VU Team

Creating a revolutionary virtual entertainment experience demands a unique mix of individuals that possess the creativity, expertise, and vision to deliver a game-changing platform that surpasses the basic virtual gaming experience.

Virtual Universe (VU) in LivingVR™, powered by artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and blockchain technologies is built on a foundation of experience in innovation, integrity, and creating epic experiences in the spirit of adventure.

The VU Founders

VU was founded by a group of individuals with decades of experience in business development, game design, virtual reality, augmented reality, innovative technologies, sales, and marketing. Coming together in 2013, they shared a vision of the future of virtual gaming and forged ahead to deliver that vision to the world.

Ciaran Foley
FOUNDER / CEO (LinkedIn)

Ciaran has over 25 years experience in business development, technology, investing, and consulting. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine. Previously founded Applied Genius Communications, one of the first web/app development companies in the world, as its founder and CEO, Ciaran grew the firm to hundreds of clients including NTT/Verio, AT&T, Disney, Kodak, and more.

He was also the Co-founder and CTO of Worldwide Anticrimeunit where he was part of a team that raised a Series A for the security related dot-com start up. For the last decade he has been an active consultant, strategist, investor, and mentor helping multiple startup founders and teams scale their companies.

Robert Curtis
FOUNDER / COO (LinkedIn)
Bringing over 30 years of executive level experience in business development, Robert has supported numerous startups, emerging growth, and turnaround businesses as CEO, COO, VP of Sales & Marketing & Board Member, and was one of the first to integrate IT into healthcare.

He’s worked with ROLM (IBM) and EON Reality (3D Virtual Reality Software), and was the co-founder and COO of RealSim Medical (a division of EON Reality) which creates virtual training software for Medical Procedures. Robert holds a BA in Marketing and Finance from the University of South Florida, studied Computer Science from Harvard Extension, and is currently finishing up his masters degree.

Jeroen Van den Bosch
Jeroen Van den Bosch is a veteran game designer, with 25 years of experience behind him, including five specializing in AR/VR, and two years in blockchain technology. A fan as well as a developer, he founded Belgium’s first online gaming community, and was even a host for MTV Belgium!

He also developed the gaming aspects of the Pokerstars mobile product across different platforms from start to finish. With his Scrum Master Certifications and Pro Bachelor degree in Electronics-Microprocessors from Katholieke Hogeschool Brugge-Oostende, he started the research and development project that was to become VU, to determine the true potential of virtual and augmented reality hardware and utilize its unique use cases.

The VU Development Team

To deliver a dynamic living world of engaging experiences, VU has formed a team of respected artists from the gaming industry. They are specialized in using the latest technologies, and provide their expertise to make sure every detail is taken into account.

Jort Van Welbergen
Jort is our lead concept artist specializing in 3D environments, prop and vehicle design. He holds a B.A. in Game Art from Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in Europe. Fresh from Star Citizen and the Grand Canyon VR Experience, Jort brings his exceptional style to VU, synthesizing AI, VR, and the blockchain to create unique and sensational gaming experiences in real-time.

Janet Ung
Since graduating from Entertainment Design at the Art Center College of Design in 2011, Janet has been creating visual images for numerous companies such as Amazon, Bungie, Soap Creatives, WB Games and more. A veteran of DestinyHalo 5, and the War for Middle Earth in Shadows of Mordor; Janet is creating concept art, environments, and 3D models for the VU world.

Charlie Hodara
Charlie is our Lead AI Programmer. He holds a masters degree in Computer Science, major in 3D and Artificial Intelligence from Université de Technologie de Belfort-Montbéliard. With his passion for game development, Charlie has worked at award winning studios such as Ubisoft Montreal, Eidos Montreal and Lionhead Studios on an array of AAA games.

Zachary Burke
Zachary is our Game Play Programmer with almost ten years of experience in software engineering. He brings his deep understanding of gameplay design and experience with Unreal Engine 4 and AR, AI, and blockchain-based gaming to VU; and aims to provide users with maximum immersion and flexibility to play and discover.

Tom Plunket
Tom is a true veteran in the video gaming industry. Previous roles include senior programmer, technical architect, director of development principal engineer and more. He is a software development machine with an approach to creating necessary solutions while providing room for functionality. As our Tools Programmer, Tom is in charge of customizing instruments for our team to build out the VU environment.

Jacob Burke
Having previously helped bring a natural world wonder to VR with the Grand Canyon VR Experience; Jacob is now excited to build and animate 3D models and backgrounds for VU.

Brian Leleux
Brian is our Lighting Artist from Savannah College of Art and Design, where he finished his BFA in Game Design. Previous projects involved Armored Warfare & Pillars of Eternity. Packed with five years of experience painting environments for multiple gaming companies, Brian is able to set the perfect moods and tones for the VU world.

Sean Runnels
Sean is a 3D artist specializing in environment production. His extensive knowledge of VU’s core game engine (Unreal Engine 4) makes him the best person for the role. With his BFA in Interactive Design and Game Development from Savannah College of Art and Design, Sean takes pride in constantly learning and adapting the latest industry practices. His clientele includes Sony Interactive Entertainment, Ready at Dawn Studios, Tripwire Interactive LLC, and more.

Mitchell Lucas
Mitchell studied Music Production at the University of Central Oklahoma and has been designing sound for different environments ever since. He has a deep understanding of audio workflow in Unreal Engine 4, with four years of experience in audio implementation and design. As our Audio Engineer, Mitchell is responsible for everything you’ll hear on the VU platform. His passion lies in understanding and recreating realistic audio behavior in mixed reality experiences.

Hugo Beyer
Hugo Beyer has more than 10 years of experience as an artist in the gaming industry. Currently working with Microsoft as a Sr. Tech artist, previous roles include Sr. Environment artist for Airtight Games & Terminal Reality, Sr. Environment Texture artist for Ready At Dawn Studios and more. Hugo joins our team as the Procedural Material Artist, supporting our other artists in creating highly realistic textures and materials for VU’s environments and character models.

Alex Moro
QA TESTER (LinkedIn)
Alex has over six years of experience as a quality analyst for gaming and entertainment companies. He holds a degree in International Business from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. As our QA tester, Alex will be creating, developing and implementing test strategies for VU, making sure that they are glitch and bug free, to deliver the highest quality of virtual reality experiences.

Stephane Nepton
Stephane has over 18 years of experience in the video game industry. Some of his previous projects include The Secret World, & Rainbow Six Vegas. Stephane studied general 3D in Université du Québec à Montréal. As our real time FX artist, he is responsible for making sure VU’s water is wet and sparks fly by bringing his experience in textures, fluid simulations, and particle effect systems to the team.

Going Forward

Our team is excited to share what we’ve been working on with the VR/AR community and the world. Individuals who purchase VU tokens during our pre-sale (April 4 — April 30, 2018) and public sale (May 1 — June 30, 2018), will receive exclusive access to our private beta launch in Q3 2018. Our public beta is scheduled for early 2019.

Learn more about Virtual Universe and VU token by visiting our website and signing up for email updates, visiting our Github, following us on TwitterFacebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, or being part the discussion on Telegram and Discord.